Welcome to the new ImagesOfJersey site –  a work in progress.

I have produced this site to share my favourite images from the beautiful island of Jersey, I have been a keen photographer for over 10 years, currently using a Canon 5d II with an assortment of L class lenses.   The pictures on this site are very low resolution, so not really worth right-clicking on to save-as, if there was something you were intereseted in for your white space, please email me and we’ll see if we can’t sort something out.  Enjoy the site!

All photographs on this site are the property of Alan Kirwan.

Why do some of these images look like painings?

Many of the photographs on this site are High Dynamic Range photography (HDR).  Three photo’s are taken within a couple of seconds with different exposures to capture every shadow, mid-tone and highlight available which are then merged into one image, resulting in a very high detailed image.

Contact info: AlanKirwan@hotmail.com


www.kirwanphotography.com  My personal photography site

www.pendantmoon.com  Custom made jewellery

www.hirecars.co.uk/traveldestinations/cheap-car-hire-jersey-airport-jer.html  Jersey car hire

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